A variety of classes updated weekly as low as $5 per month. That's just $1.75 per week! 

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Are you ready to feel better in your body? Ready to transform your physical, mental and spiritual state of being?  

Join me on this journey towards connecting with your body and inspiring everyone around you like never before.

Welcome to CORECONNECT by PhelpsFIT

Building serious strength & mobility shouldn't feel like a second job. With the help of PHELPSfit, 3 sessions a week is all it takes to totally transform the way your body moves and feels.

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The CORE CONNECT Essentials Program

  • 30+ Strength, flexibility & mobility drills that will transform not only your physical body but the way you approach your movement practice
  • Direct Progressions towards Pressing to Handstand, Jumping into arm balances, 'toe tapping' & much more
  •  In Depth, Step by Step Guide Perfect for All Shapes Sizes & Exprience Levels
  • - Unleash limitless strength + endurance - Increase mobility, flexibility + balance - Relieve pain + feel better - Customizable, easy-to-follow program
  • Learn the fundamentals of the PHELPSfit approach.
$97 | SIGN UP!

The Fundamentals of Flying-Arm Balance Program

  • Complete breakdown of playing with over 25 arm balances
  • Tips, tricks & techniques that will have you floating& flying with ease in no time
  • Save time, energy & keep yourself safe from injuries with the golden nuggets in this program

Hungry Hips-Hip Opening Program

  • Complete breakdown to more than 30 Hip opening postures including full lotus pose and multipe feet behind the head postures
  • Tips, tricks & techniques to assist you in moving deeper into postures than ever before
  • 8 'King' drills that are guaranteed to open up those hips safely & effectively in record time
  • Save years of time feeling stuck, aimlessly working hip opening. 

If you have a body and you're looking to feel better in it...THIS IS FOR YOU! Whether you are avid in yoga, soccer, football, basketball, skateboarding, etc, etc or a professional couch potatoe ...If you want to be stronger, feel better and move freely without pain...THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU!  

Just 1 of hundreds of videos from the CORECONNECT program created to transform your practice!

Video is of floating through handstand from the back of the mat into a warrior, crescent or anything towards the front of the mat. 

Have fun, enjoy & don't forget to record yourself. You'll learn just as much from watching yourself as you will from actually practing. 

If you are willing to share with me in the DM on IG I am happy to give you some tips as well once I see you:)

The FREE Tutorials, Challenges & Email signup 

In addition, we offer a sample of our signature training programs with specialty challenges based on members demand.


One week of pose breakdowns drills. Designed to test your ability & see where you are at. May open your eyes that you could benefit immensely from the FULL programs 


A few more breakthroughs...

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Work Out Smarter, Not Harder

Pro bodybuilders, Olympic athletes, marathoners… we respect all those hardcore fitness devotees. But we know that's not everyone. PhelpsFIT is a system for people who want serious fitness gains without having to upend everything else in their busy lives.  

Our training system is based on peer-reviewed research into how to build functional muscle and improve health & mobility in as few minutes a week as possible.  

Does that translate into real-life results?  

With 20+ years under my belt in health & fitness and 1000+ members to date, we can see the proof all around us that The CORECONNECT Program works. See for yourself by logging into a signature program or trial challenge today!

Join The CORECONNECT Program Here

Why PHELPSfit COREconnect?

PHELPSfit doesn't treat fitness as an expensive, time-consuming hobby (or, worse, a chore). Our drills are designed to fit into your life, so you have a strength & mobility-building routine you can sustain year after year.

Anywhere, Anytime

You're not locked into the same class times every week. You'll have access every day of the week, so you can always train when & where you want to FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

Full-Body Workouts

PhelpsFIT is about balance. You'll spend most of your time doing drills that will build one onto the next. But we've been sure to keep things well-rounded with short & full length classes that will make it easy to continue to track the progress you've made. 


It is said that the present moment is the only place of freedom. I built CORECONNECT for you to construct freedom in your own life. I've worked tirelessly to develop a program to keep me 'balanced.' Thus, I am sharing with you the tools that have transformed my life, allowing there to be a balance between strength, fluidity, and flexibility. I found the more I increased the balance in my body, the more balance existed in my life.  

With CORECONNECT I give you the knowledge you need to build body awareness and attain freedom in your own life - no matter what body type, level of activity or lifestyle you lead.  

 CORECONNECT is built with you in mind. The program offers short videos to easily add into your daily schedule whenever works best for you. No matter where you are or what you are doing - watching TV, at the airport, in your office, hanging out at the beach, a park or by a pool - your health could become a fun staple in your everyday life. I've designed the program to focus around small adjustments, which are often overlooked, to take your overall wellbeing to the next level. Set aside 5-10 minutes for yourself each day for the program and I promise your life will change for the better.  

TAKE ACTION, nurture your body 


1. Is this a recurring payment or one-time payment?  

This is a ONE-TIME payment for LIFETIME ACCESS. You can't beat that!  

2. When does the course start and finish?  

LIFETIME ACCESS! There is no hard start and stop. This is your UNLIMITED tool box to begin incorporating these exercises into your everyday life! I will be teaching you how to incorporate them into your day so that it takes just minutes a day to increase mobility and strength throughout your entire body  

3. Who is this for?  

This program is for everyone! If you have a body and you're looking to feel better in it...THIS IS FOR YOU! Whether you are avid in yoga, soccer, football, basketball, skateboarding, etc, etc or a professional couch potatoe ...If you want to be stronger, feel better and move freely without pain...THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU!  

4. Where can I do CORECONNECT?  

EVERYWHERE! Whether you are waiting in line at the grocery store, watching TV, at the airport, at the beach, or by a pool, your practice can become a staple in your life every minute of every hour of every day, any place, any where.  

Join The CORECONNECT Programs here



* TOTAL BODY tune up - lower back, wrists, shoulders, hips, glutes, spine, etc.  

* Access to me via Facebook Live for personal support + workouts  

 * In-depth guidance to progressions for all levels  

* 3o+ videos -including Two 60 minute total body classes  

* Learn how to 'toe tap', jump into crow, Press Handstand, Float forward & Float back + much more  

*Take YEARS off your learning curve  

  * Community support via Facebook group with all CORECONNECTers  

* Injury prevention + pain relief tools  

* One time payment for a lifetime membership with unlimited access no matter wherever you are  

VALUE: thousands of dollars saved on trainings, therapy, studio classes, private lessons + body work  


 HOW CORECONNECT came to be...  

 The past few years I have set up similar routines for my clients (private session = $250/hr). After thousands of followers reached out to me for advice on Instagram, I was compelled to build a life changing program at an affordable price with all body types in mind. CORECONNECT allows me to share my knowledge with you anywhere in the world. I firmly believe this program will transform your physical, mental, spiritual and overall wellbeing.  

CORECONNECT is an accumulation of the most beneficial drills and flows I have devised after years of studying body movement. I do the same drills each and every day to maintain my connection to my root core: my mind, my body and my spirit. Not only do I attribute CORECONNECT to the way my body shows up for me on a daily basis (strong, fluid and flexible) but also my overall sense of dignity, confidence and well being. It is this self worth that no one can take away and that everyone can feed off of.  


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